The Functional Ear Training App

Ear training that makes you better at music, not exercises.
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Practice Interactively

Train your ear with dozens of custom exercise modules to broaden and deepen your musical skillset.

Level Up

Progression-based learning ensures you develop the skills you need to successfully face each new challenge.

How are you looking to improve?

Sight Singing

Learn to instantly recall and sing notes as you read them. No interval memorization required!


Discover complementary chords and melody notes, and compile a wide vocabulary of chords and progressions.


Fine-tune control of your musical expression by internalizing the degrees of tension associated with various notes and chords.

Music Theory

Sharpen your understanding by applying concepts as they are introduced.


Learn to instantly recognize notes and chords by ear, recall longer note sequences, and separate out chords into their individual notes.


Master your perception of harmonic contexts, making out of key and out of tune notes thoroughly obvious.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why is ToneScholar more effective than other ear training methods?
Unlike the majority of ear training services and courses that rely on interval-based ear training, ToneScholar uses a method known as Functional Ear Training, which focuses on developing musical intuition instead of relying on memorization. By internalizing the unique harmonic functions of each note and chord, you will build a skillset usable in real musical settings.
Do I need to know any music theory?
No. Tonescholar will introduce and explain relevant music theory topics as they are needed.
Do I need to know how to read sheet music?
No. ToneScholar does not use any music notation or tablature. That said, your training will provide additional benefits if you plan to write or sight read sheet music.
How long will it take before I see results?
This will depend on your prior musical experience; however, most will see their skills improve within the first few hours. Each stage of the training builds upon prior stages, ensuring a constant challenge and new skill development with each step forward.
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